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The Cow Clothespin Challenge

The Message


Many people often do great things for others that go unrecognized. We believe it is the sum of these moments of selflessness that make this world a better place!  As a group, we are giving out clothespins to encourage others to contribute their time and energy, big or small, to those around them - even if it goes unrecognized.  


We understand these Cow Clothespins are small and may not draw a ton of attention from a passerby, but that' the point - neither do the small selfless acts we perform throughout our day!  Well, we at Volunteer Davis want to tell you that we have noticed and appreciate your commitment to bettering the community, and we are here for support when YOU need a helping hand! Isn't that what community service is all about?  


Join the Mooovement!

Proudly display a cow clothespin for others to see, we keep them on our backpacks!  If you notice someone else doing a selfless act, pass your clothespin along to them, and tell them our story.  We will reimburse your clothespin if you want a replacement!

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