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We are always looking to help promote new organizations. Whether you are a UC Davis club with a big event, or a big organization with a recurring event, we would love to find a way to work with you.  


If you already have an event in mind, fill out the form that matches your event type and submit it to us.  For more information, click here to learn about the different event types.  


When ready, E-mail your filled out prospectus to

Want to find an event for your group?

Feel free to contact us at any point in the process, but we are confident you will find something that works!  All of our events are on the Volunteer Schedule!


*NOTE: Be sure to download the document before filling it out!

Also be advised it may require two submissions to attach properly












Popular Interests Page:  See the different types of events we offer.  You can hashtag a popular interest to refine your search on the Volunteer Schedule Page. 


Volunteer Form: For Volunteer Events!

Do you need volunteers for your event?  

Fill out the document here if you are seeking volunteers.


Participation Form: For Participation Events!

Want to tell more people about your event?  

Fill out this document to get more people at your event.

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Just E-mail and we will address any questions or concerns!

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